Dishonored 2 is our game of the year for the following reasons.  It was a story with more than one surprise twist.  The Graphics were amazing.  And best of all, you could make different choices to get through the missions like the non lethal way or the assassins way, sneaking up behind everybody and killing them without having to fire a single bullet.  For a Stealth Game this was one of the best we have played and way better than the first version






In any other year Final Fantasy 15 could have been a game of the year, but Dishonored 2 is simply better.  However, it had al the elements of a Finally Fantasy game that we love including  a lot of new things that made the game great to play.  Plus the added bonus of the same fighting engine that we love from the Skyrim Games





Uncharted 4 was a great edition to the Nathan Drake Series.  Very addicting game and probably the best since the first Uncharted 2. If you are a fan of the series then you will love this game and it could be a Game of the Year if it had not come out in the same year as Dishonored 2 and Final Fantasy 15.




Battlefield 1is simply gorgous and makes for a great war game because we finally get to be in World War 1 on all fronts. For History buffs, this will be your favorite Battle Game.  The multiplayer battles that you can do with friends online are a lot of fun. The single player campaigns are challenging, but the story is great and makes up for the fact that you will die a lot.    Plus, being able to fly bi- planes, be on the on the front lines and in the trenches,  and drive tanks makes for a great game.  Best FPS of the year.




Titanfall 2 is far superior than the first Titanfall 1 and it’s what a Titanfall Game should have been all along.  The single play campaign is fantastic and you don’t have the multiplayer version as you did in the first one.  A Mixture of FPS and being in a Titan robot along with an interesting story makes this a fun game.





NBA 2K17 is the best sports game of the year.  Graphics are superior to real life imagery of the players.  The Play is easy and more stylish and realistic.  Being able to play classic teams from the 80’s and 90’s makes for a fun afternoon.  The Blacktop games, while nothing new to the series, keep getting better. This game seems to improve every year with it’s realistic playmaking it the best sports game to play even compared to FIFA.




Destiny just keeps getting better.  It’s always been a great FPS, but blending a FPS with fantasy elements makes for a great storyline. A Hack and Slash game and FPS mixed together..Yes Please! This is probably the best version since the first!




Dark Souls 3 might have been the best version of the Dark Souls games, but that is not saying much.  The Witcher has always been a better series for it’s story and fantasy game play.  The Witcher 3 is the best of that series and that’s why it makes our list.  There should always be a good fantasy game in a top ten of the year game list and this year it’s The Witcher 3




If you like multiplayer battles with sci-fi and cartoonish characters that you can play with friends or your kids then Overwatch is it.  The only downfall is no single player campaign, but it’s very stylish and a lot of fun to play.  Plus, you easily regenerate after you die, which you will lot, but you will still have playing with friends.



Madden 17 is the best version of Madden in 5 Years.  The biggest changes were making the running game more versatile and who doesn’t like leaping over players.  Plus using the defense more stragetically with zone and man coverage adds to better game play.  The graphics are great as usual and the motion of players are more lifelike.  With the improvements in Madden 17 it became one of the best games to play this year and worth the money.

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