Monster Hunter World is a vibrant game full of unexpected surprises. There were many moments when I was walking through a quiet forest foraging for herbs when out of nowhere a monstrous beast starts sprinting at me. And it was in those moments, that Monster Hunter World shines the most.


In Monster Hunter World, you are part of a Lewis and Clark type expeditionary force that is trying to break ground into a new world. This fleet you are in begins tracking a giant beast known as the  Zorah Magdaros, and it’s your job to clear out the wake he creates by taking out any exotic monsters in the way.

Monster Hunter World has an incredible world, with a unique taste, unlike any other game I have played. The characters are fun, and the visuals are colorful and never get old. Even simple cutscenes like eating a meal are comedic and full of life. All of these moments bring together the entire package.

While the story isn’t necessarily the main focus of the game, it’s engaging and enjoyable enough to not want to skip through.




With tons of unique weapon choices, everyone will have a different experience playing Monster Hunter World. At a very surface level glance, you may see a simple two-button hack and slash mechanic. But once you really begin to play, you notice a deep system of combat that rewards players who master their weapon. Like a simple sword, for instance, can have many combos and special moves hidden until you figure it out.

A complaint with the gameplay that I personally have is the camera. While there is a lock on feature, it tends to be too buggy to use. I think that in the world of Souls games and Breath of the Wild, a better lock on feature has to be integral to your combat system. That being said, it never detracted me from playing or ruined my experience too much.

Quests are laid out like a typical RPG, with main quests, side quests, investigations, and others. They are all available to replay, which is how you really get to “grind” for gear. When an online player gets into trouble with a monster, he can shoot an SOS Flare, which lets other players join in on matches to help him out. That was the main route I took when trying to build up my armor and weapons.

Speaking of gear, the customization options for weapons and armor are amazing. It’s quite daunting at first to look at the forge options available for your accessories, but once you decipher it, it’s very good. The same goes for inventory and crafting, they could’ve made a simple system, but they understand the longevity that this game is capable of. I’d rather have the confusion initially and then slowly conquer an interface deep into the game.

One of my biggest concerns is the online matchmaking. I had a friend that I was trying to play the game with, but it got so tedious that it was difficult to connect. For instance, even if we are the same level and about to begin a main quest at the same time, we have to both go into the quest solo, watch the cutscene, THEN, we could play together. So that ends up becoming tedious to disconnect and reconnect. I’m hoping they will streamline all the online connectivity in the future through updates.

Final Statements

Monster Hunter World is a complete blast and not like anything else out now. It has its own flair and charm that keeps me logging in day after day. I have a lot more that I want to accomplish in this game, and I can’t wait to dive back in. While camera issues and online matchmaking difficulty set it back from that perfect “level” of game, it still is an astounding experience you have to check out for yourself.


Monster Hunter World is one of the best RPG’s since Skyrim. Fantastic Gameplay and Graphics make this a game worth buying at retail.  The best part is the individual quests that don’t really take too long, so you can play a little bit and come back to the game.  But the vast open world and endless Monsters will keep you coming back for more.  Definitely one of the best games of 2018

~ Marcus Blake


The monster hunting RPG that made its scratch in Japan has finally reached mainstream success with Monster Hunter World. The sprawling high-definition scenery is a sight to behold across a huge map filled with tons of monsters and loot. Players may find themselves in a loop between hunting for loot that will be required to hunt again, but the hunts are unique and rewarding for the most part. The game has great replay value and takes a very long time to thoroughly complete. Pick this one up if you’re looking to get great value out of your dollar. 

~John Winfrey

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