This is The Gifted’s first season, and they have had a lot of stiff competition in the realm of new shows.  The season started off with an exciting bang and has had many intense episodes since then.  It is hard to keep the momentum in a show like this, because much like its predecessors of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and even shows such as Prison Break and Revolution, when you start on the premise of fleeing from someone or something, eventually there has to be a resolution or a climax or you start to lose speed and intensity.  And no one really wants to watch a bunch of people just sitting around and waiting for something exciting to happen.  We want action and conflict.  So while there have been some lulls, they have also been trying to build back story and develop their characters–we all know that if people truly love the characters a new show has a better chance of not getting cancelled.

On the plus side they have not hid from their X-Men roots at all–which I do find as a downside to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and the new Inhumans.  Instead they are doing the opposite and the X-Men, even the HellFire Club are both mentioned and involved in the story plot.  It keeps a stronger tie to their comic book background this way. I also think having Andy and Caitlin as the powerful brother/sister combination is a great basis for the show.  Their intense power lends a nod to characters from previous shows like Heroes.

The mid-season finale finds Andy & Lauren imprisoned by the doctor, who wants to use and abuse their power to stop all mutant-kind.  In a surprise turn of events, Sonya is shot and killed right in front of their eyes, and the rest of her friends don’t even know yet.  But the biggest shocker was yet to come.  All along, we as the audience have known that the new telepath to the group was playing both sides, but we haven’t known why.  Until the finale.  Turns out that the telepath is part of a trio, and she and her sisters are hell bent on starting a war and killing everyone in their path.  After the Struckers were able to appeal to Agent Turner’s humanity, or rather his wife’s humanity, he decides to do what he can to help.  He puts in the order to move all of the mutants out of the research lab back to Sentinel Services. However, in the process she is able to free her sisters and using their powers they kill almost every human being involved in the transfer.  If Agent Turner didn’t completely hate mutants before, you can bet the small amount of goodwill he was trying to show in the transfer is completely destroyed by the attack.

Now we are all set for new mutants–angry mutants–an even larger war and more brewing of the anger that exists on both sides.  Definitely getting ready to introduce darker mutants that exist in the X-Men Universe and start to peel back some more layers on the Mutant Revolution. As tempers and situations escalate and the divide between right and wrong becomes more black and white, sides are taken.  Families are divided and loved ones are pulled apart.  We knew this had to happen.  Whenever The X-Men have existed, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants has existed as well.  Watching the mid-season finale it was clear that not only will the underground be fighting against the Sentinal Organization and the Government, but also against each other as they battle for human vs mutant kind.

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