Are you curious about The Alienist? You should be and here’s why you should check it out. I will admit that I don’t always take notice of what TNT has on their channel because mostly it’s reruns of some other show, but I was very intrigued by The Alienist. A. Drama about New York City in the 1890s when Teddy Roosevelt was the police commissioner and the first profiler help catch a serial killer. Immediately, it reminded me of the movie From Hell about the Jack the Ripper killings and I guess you could say that it’s an American copy of Ripper Street, which is definitely not a bad thing.

What’s most intriguing about the show so far is that it is a period piece and feels like a scene right out of Gangs of New York. It’s gritty and it’s dirty. And it’s very intriguing because this isn’t like any other serial killer show. Daniel Bruhl has a Sherlock quality about him in the show and definitely keeps you watching with his insights. Dakota Fanning is pretty good so far as a independent woman trapped by societies idea of what she should be. It’s nice to see her all grown up and not to think of her is a kid anymore. And Luke Evans definitely brings a lot of talent to the show. He’s never really been bad in anything he does.

The first episode was pretty good. Definitely kept my attention. But what I really like about it is even though we are dealing with a gruesome death and a serial killer, the only thing we know of the dismemberment seeing through the illustrations made by Luke Evans’ character.

So far the story is compelling and has the potential to be something special on TV. But as good as the three main characters are there is one complaint that I have so far. Brian Gerihty as Teddy Roosevelt is probably the worst part of the show so far. He is a fine actor,  but I don’t think he has any clue on how to play Teddy Roosevelt. No I will admit that maybe I am expecting something more like Brian Keith as Teddy Roosevelt in the movie The Wind and The Lion, but anybody who knows anything about Teddy Roosevelt knows that he was full of life and energy, and there was nothing stoic about him which is all I’m seeing in this particular portrayal. I feel like they could have done a better job in casting for Teddy Roosevelt.

I am pleased with The Alienist after the first episode and expect this to be a great show. It’s dark nature has me intrigued and the cast for the most part is great. I definitely think it’s worth watching and expect good things. So for those of you that like period dramas especially thrillers…I think The Alienist is definitely for you. While it is still too early to say if the series really will be great, the first episode did a great job and it’s definitely a 9 out of 10 for me.


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