The series premiere of this new show literally set the stage on fire.  And although I am not a fan of nudity in any format, there was definitely a point to the “bare-all” moment at the end of the first episode!  From there the series goes on to a explore the complicated relationship and life choices of a young Jewish woman, in New York back in the 19650-60’s.  This was such an interesting time for America and so much was happening.  Gender roles starting to be questioned and changed, but still so much pressure to fit into a certain “mold” in society.  Much like “Good Girls Revolt”, another former Amazon Prime series (which was also amazing), this series aims to do so much more than simply tell a story.  It is laced with social commentary, witty humor, heartbreaking moments, moments of triumph–a definite tell-all of the human experience.

I felt a special connection to the main character and how torn she is over her identity.  She loved her husband.  She loved being married, their life, and all that came with it.  She gave everything to him.  Even though she was a college graduate, she did nothing to pursue her own dreams and instead only supported him.  Then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, he gets bored and tells her he has been having an affair and is leaving her.  Just like that.  Its ironic really.  That he is the one who is bored.  When in reality, Midge is so vastly more interesting and dynamic of a person than Joel.  If anyone should be bored, it should be her!

As Midge moves forward and tries to decide what to do with herself now, we see her kind of stumble into her own, as she finds a new passion and love in stand-up comedy.  Being a divorcee is a fate worse than death in her social circles.  As is being a “working woman”.  And yet–Midge chooses to embrace them both and make the best life she can for herself and her children.  Her parents are not supportive of this of course, and feel she should do everything she can to make amends with her husband and play the good dutiful role of wife.

The acting is phenomenal in this new series.  Tony Shalhoub is as wonderful as ever.  Rachel Brosnahan is fantastic, and Marin Hinkle, Alex Borstein and Luke Kirby also round out the cast and do an amazing job.  There is a lot of swearing, the “f-word” specifically, so be on the lookout for that if you have tender ears.  But thankfully, after the first episode there is no more nudity.  If you are looking for a smart, witty, emotional stirring and clever new look at defining who you are–at a time when the world was particularly turbulent and evolving, then “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” will definitely hit the spot.

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