It comes off as a series of interest to those who enjoyed the show: Stranger Things, or American Horror Story. It starts off as a series about a small German town named WInden. The town has two missing children by the fourth episode. We start to see that there are four families are becoming twisted together in some mysterious plot that haunts the town of the past it has. The past is the haunting disappearances of children in earlier eras.

 Now the show at first gives an eerie vibe in describing the lineage between the families. Of course, we do not know what is going on between the families until later in the show. The story starts off with a character named Mikkel disappearing and then ending up in 1986. Now the story starts off in the year 2019. So, a year from this next year. While you are trying to figure out what is going on in the first episodes the pool of characters and their backgrounds are widening and growing even more confusing.

What is amazing about it is the cinematography, score, and performances of the ensemble cast are engaging and well-crafted. The opening credits are in the style of Rorschach’s paint blot test which is interesting. As well as the characters the acting is very skillfully done. I would think that the most memorable character was definitely Jonas Kahnwald. From the first episode we feel sympathy for the young man and also a sense of responsibility for what has happened in the first episode. As the Jonas unravels as a growing character, we start to understand why he must do what he needs to do. All throughout the season, I personally, felt more attached to Jonas than any of the other twisting and evolving characters. We get to see most of the characters as they grown into adult hood, while some stay in the adolescence stage of their life.

On the other hand, the character who was the most frustrating to figure out would have to be Noah. By the end of the first season we really don’t know much about him except he is an evil priest who like to kidnap and murder younger boys. We don’t know why, we don’t know where he came from and while there are so many twists and character backgrounds you would think that our main antagonist would have one. Maybe they are keeping it for later seasons? We will just have to see.

The subplots while hard to keep track of in the series do have some up and down sides. Upsides are that the subplots are very intriguing and very interesting. My favorite one by far was the missing boy Mikkel. From the first episode you are sucked into this dark mystery of where has this poor young boy vanished to? You just will have to watch to find out. While this subplot sometimes gets lost to the others it all ties back together. Remember that man who hung himself in the opening scene of the first episode? Well, let’s just say Mikkel grew up from that young boy to become a very tragic character in the series.

The only downside is that while you are trying to keep up with the modern characters as well as those who are in the flashbacks. There are two flashbacks, 1953 and 1986. Now the show was intriguing and interesting but is definitely a binging show. If you are trying to watch the show in several takes you will get confused. For those who don’t have time to binge a show for a week it is hard to keep up with the intricate twists and turns and the character relationships. I personally didn’t find the show very gripping or suspenseful as I am still trying to figure out how everything relates while trying to enjoy the binge watching. It had a few good twists and turns but for the most part I would give the show a solid 7. Nothing amazingly special in my book but then again, I also didn’t think super highly of Stranger Things and it is eerily similar in the tone of the show. The plots are different, but the tone is eerily same. The show ends on a cliff hanger which only means the show will have another episode or it will be discontinued. Now part of me hopes there will be a second season and a small part of me wouldn’t be too torn up if there wasn’t. Overall there were many good and some not so well played out parts of this series.

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