I have to say that I am a little disappointed in the Arrow mid-season finale.  It wasn’t necessarily bad, it just wasn’t anything–it was bleh.  After an exciting mid-season finale from SuperGirl and The Flash, I was excited for something intense from Team Arrow, and there was absolutely nothing big about this mid-season finale.  Yes we learn of MadDog’s betrayal towards Oliver–that he said he would testify against him in order to get his daughter back.  And yes we get to have a small celebration of Oliver & Felicity’s wedding. But other than that?  There is no dramatic reveal, cliffhanger, or any other true excitement in my opinion.

After the exciting cross-over event, where Felicity & Oliver get married, we enter the mid-season finale with the FBI still breathing down Oliver’s neck, as well as Cayden James still lurking in the background with no clues as to his real intention.  Perhaps the only true excitement in the mid-season finale is that once again Team Arrow is temporarily disbanded and it is revealed that Cayden James is creating his own league of Villains with the help of Black Siren, Anatoli, Dinah’s ex Vigilante as well as some other villains from Oliver’s past.  Oliver’s dismissal of MadDog from the team, as well as the revelation that they spied on Dinah and Curtis to test their loyalty, inspires all three newer team members to quit.

The mid-season finale started with the kidnapping of Detective Lance, and ended with the disbanding of the team and an intro to a new league of villains that are apparently out to take Oliver down.  I have never been a huge fan of the new Team Arrow–Dinah is probably my favorite.  But with Oliver having custody of his son, the FBI investigating him, and all of the other threats to Central City there will always be a need for the Arrow and he does need help.  Part of me thinks that with Oliver getting married and now having a son, that eventually he will do a fade out on his vigilante life similar to Christian Bale in the last Batman movie.  It was a decent episode, just not jaw-dropping.  I have always been an Arrow fan, but this season the excitement and intrigued has faded for me.  Especially as other super hero shows, like The Flash and Super Girl, have climbed in their thrill level and story plot twists.  In my opinion, Arrow is no longer the stand-out super hero show that it once was.

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