This was truly one of my favorite mid-season finales this year!  In order to understand the mid-season finale, we have to jump back briefly to last weeks events. Last week Barry and Iris had planned a huge wedding event, with all of their super-hero friends.  Of course right as they were about to complete their nuptials, they are interrupted by Nazi’s from another Earth, who are led by evil doppleganger versions of Kara and Oliver–as husband and wife!  Bizarre. But seriously, the cross-over event was both beyond ridiculous and oh-so-good!!  So definitely catch up if you missed that!  However, at the end of the cross-over Barry & Iris decide to finish their nuptials off by being married by John Diggle in the middle of the park–completely spontaneous. The Nazi threat is over, they already had the wedding, so only the final detail remains.  At this point Felicity & Oliver jump in as well, and even after saying that she didn’t want to get married, Felicity overcomes her fears and becomes Oliver’s wife!  Great ending to a great cross-over…..

Which brings us to the midseason finale.  A now married Barry & Iris must once again face the sinister Thinker.  They have no clue as to his final game plan or what he wants.  Or why he hates Barry so much, what he hopes to accomplish as his body deteriorates.  They only know that they must defeat him. So much happens during this finale.  Iris must choice between saving Barry or saving Caitlyn as both are kidnapped at the same time.  Barry is able to escape from the Thinker and Caitlyn is able to save a new young Meta from the grips of Amunet.  All seems to be going well as the heroes settle into their holiday festivities as a family.  Caitlyn even invites the new meta, Dominic, to be a part of the celebration.

Now here comes the clincher.  While they are all together Barry receives an alert that their apartment has been broken into.  He dashes home to check it out.  At which point he receives a phone call from Dominic.  Only Dominic is not Dominic at all.  In a sad and twisted turn of events, Dominic’s body has been taken over by The Thinker–whose body was failing him–and the Thinker has placed his dead and useless body in Barry’s apartment.  With a bloody knife that of course has Barry’s prints all over it.  Moments later the police show up and although Barry could run, he chooses not to.  Meanwhile his family continues to party with Dominic having no clue that Barry has been taken into custody or who Dominic really is! Epitome of comic book shenanigans!

This was a fanstasic mid-season finale because it sets up so much for the rest of the season!  In a parallel similar to that which happened to Barry’s father, Barry is now being framed for a murder he did not commit!  While a psychopath, who is also the smartest person on the planet, is walking around in a new body and threatening everyone he loves. Much like last season, just when you think everything is okay and has turned out fine, the sucker punch gets you. Definitely excited to see what happens to Barry come January, but until then if you have missed any episodes, get caught up now!



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