After an epic cross-over week (see other post), Super Girl ended its mid-season finale with a bang!  Last week Kara and Alex went to celebrate Barry and Iris’ wedding only to be surprised by Nazi’s from another Earth.  This week, it was back to Kara’s reality and back to more drama with Mon-El and his new wife.

Lets back up, and catch up on this season real quick first!  Its been tough for Kara.  After losing Mon-El, she wasn’t sure who she was anymore.  She has been heartbroken and worried that she sent Mon-El to his death. After many episodes of finding her purpose again and figuring out how to go on, imagine her happiness when a spaceship is found deep under water, and when they go to investigate Mon-El is aboard!!  Of course Mon-El seems different and we are unsure why, until he attempts to steal from the DEO.  Only then do we find out that Kara’s seven months of missing Mon-El have been seven years for him.  He was taken to the future, and after trying to find a way back to Kara for years he eventually gave up, fell in love and got married.

And it gets better.  His wife is on their with him!

Of course his new wife is gorgeous, sweet, and idealizes Super Girl–so it makes the news that much more devastating.  I really enjoyed the chemistry between Kara and Mon-El previously, and it does suck to see him married to someone else and yet still stuck on Kara’s earth.  We don’t know where this storyline is going–will they be able to return to the future that they came from?  Will Kara always have to have them around as a constant reminder of all that she has lost?

Truly none of this matters, because Kara’s human side must take backseat to her alien side–as that is what the world needs right now.  After having an inkling all season that something was amiss with Luther Corp’s new CEO, (and Kara’s new friend) we learn that she is actually a Kryptonian whose soul purpose is to destroy the world.  Reign, also known as Worldkiller, is the one villain who is just as strong, if not stronger than Super Girl.  Prepared centuries ago to cleanse and destroy earth, this is her entire purpose. If Super Girl is Metropolis’ Savior, than Reign is its the Devil.  As Kara uses her anger and frustration over Mon-El to meet Reign head on in battle, she starts fierce, only to be truly beaten as the fight wages on.  Its unclear how, but Reign actually makes Kara bleed towards the end.  She is so weak from their fight, that Reign drops her off of a building and Kara isn’t even strong enough to fly to save herself.  Instead she falls into the concrete as Metropolis watches on in fear.

What a cliffhanger!!  Not sure if it is a coincidence or not–but the most recent Justice League movie has just shown us that Superman is able to come back from the “dead”, and now not even two weeks after its release, we have his cousin SuperGirl essentially dying in her mid-season finale.  Obviously there will be some way to bring Kara back, but it definitely leaves us hanging for the next month as we wait for the rest of the season to resume!

Personally I felt that last week’s cross-over episode, and this weeks mid-season finale were the two best episodes of the entire season so far.  Looking forward to the conclusion of the season next year!

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