Marcus Blake’s Review 

Battlefront 2 is here and I know what you’re thinking, is it a huge disappointment like the first one? Did Disney and EA give us a piece of crap and just take our money? Both fair questions, but the truth is Battlefront 2 is a major step up from the first game and not at all a disappointment. Let me first say that I still don’t think this game is worth $60,  but I would have gladly paid $40 or $50 for and after playing the Campaign Story that we should have had two years ago. It’s easy to look at this game as just Pure Nostalgia and not really be critical of the game. After all,  this is a Star Wars game and when you’re a Star Wars fan, it’s not uncommon to lose your objectivity. Don’t worry, I still have plenty of complaints about this game even though I had a lot of fun with it.

First,  let’s talk about the best part of the game, the Campaign and new Star Wars story that fits perfectly into Disney’s continuity for Star Wars. We are introduced to two new characters from the Empire’s Inferno Squad that eventually defect and join the Rebellion and have their run-in with all of the Legacy characters and add a great story to Star Wars. Even teasing us with the fact that they may be (spoilers) Rey’s parents. You immediately start out playing as the empire and then as the Rebellion while floating back and forth between infantry combat and aerial assaults. Like I said, it was a great campaign and worth the money. I have not always been a fan of flying when it comes to console games because I don’t have a joystick but after learning the mechanics I had more fun flying Tie fighters and X-Wings than I did with the rest of the campaign. But the campaign is not perfect… it’s true downside is being able to Target the enemy properly and weapons being a little wonky. There definitely needs to be a patch to help improve this because if I’m standing directly in front of a stormtrooper while my sites are over his chest and I can’t kill him then there’s a problem. I found this happening a lot and having to waste more ammo just to get one Stormtrooper down that was completely unnecessary. I understand that they want you to Target more headshots,  which gives you more points and when you have wave after wave of Stormtroopers coming at you…you need to be able to get them down quickly and this is where they should improve targeting and weapons. I expect to see some kind of patch to fix this. But other than that the campaign was fantastic and all of the actors portraying these new characters did a great job. Plus the game was visually stunning and I felt like I was in a Star Wars movie.  I’m glad we finally have a great campaign story, but it would have been better to have something like this two years ago.

The multiplayer part of the game is a lot of fun,  but I feel like there wasn’t much improvement over the first Battlefront game. You still get to be involved in great missions really,  it’s just the Nostalgia of playing a Star Wars game that makes the multiplayer fun. The individual missions and arcade aspect of the game is also a lot of fun, but again wasn’t much improvement over the first Battlefront game which relied on these two things to make a good Star Wars game. My biggest complaint is not being able to play my favorite characters right away and having to build up Battle Points to get to them. I get it, they simply want us to keep playing the game to get to play our favorite characters instead of just being picking what characters we want to play like in the first Battlefront game. But I will admit, getting to play Rey or Kylo Ren with a lightsaber and slash everybody was a lot of fun.

Battlefront 2 is a good game but what makes this game better than its predecessor is adding the campaign story. And I do believe there is some replay value with it. Everything else except for getting to place some new characters like Rey or Kylo Ren is for the most part the same as the first Battlefront game, which if you’re like me, you’ll still go back and play from time to time because you love aerial battles and playing different missions on different planets because of your love of Star Wars. Honestly what I think would make Battlefront 2 fantastic is if you had just combined everything from Battlefront 1 with everything from this game and made it just one big game that’s worth $60. Now,  I do think that what will help Battlefront to become even better is the extended content especially if we’re not having to pay $60 for each thing because Disney wants to capitalize on our nostalgia. Overall I do like Battlefront 2 and don’t think it’s as bad as some critics make it out to be like IGN. It’s not a fantastic game and it certainly isn’t game of the year. For me, it’s a good solid game because of campaign story mixed with my love of Star Wars. Honestly,  I couldn’t put this game down for a few days I can see myself playing the campaign again.  But I would suggest that everybody wait for a deal and get it between 40 and 50 dollars.

Alex Moore’s  Review 

Before I could begin the story quest, I needed time for it to load. In the process, I was able to play the arcade/multi-player mode and it was quite enjoyable. What a way to get a taste for the game before the entrée is served up! The idea, at least in my experience, was to defeat the rebel army using various empirical troopers or the use of an officer. After a few efforts and 3000 earned points later, I had the option of playing as Kylo Ren. Let me tell you something: it is worth the effort to play as a Sith. Actually, though, I DID die once as Kylo Ren. How embarrassing, haha!

Once I was able to start the story mode, or “campaign,” I could see the justification of getting used to the controls in arcade play. Yes, I still needed to get a few things straight, but it was very easy to learn all of the controls. I began as a loyal soldier for the empire and, in time, slowly converted to the rebellion. I cannot say for sure if this is the only possible outcome in the game, but that is what happened.

Along the way, there are different characters you will play as, including: Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, but these are like side quests amidst the mainline of the game. I was warned by another, who is more than a novice to this series of games about the flying levels AND I can admit that there was a much higher degree of frustration in those particular levels. However, it was not beyond adequate playability and, eventually, I was able to get past all of that.

On the whole, I had a wonderful time and experience with “Battlefront 2.” In fact, there are few games, in recent time, that I enjoyed more than this one, despite some of the difficulty I was having during the flying stages. With that said, the game is NOT perfect, but whether you are playing arcade/multi-player or story/campaign mode, you will find a good variety of play and enough of a challenge to keep you stimulated. I hope that EA continues onward with these intriguing side stories. For any fan of the films, I am willing to wager, it is a fascinating entry, overall.

John Winfrey’s  Review 

The EA backed franchise has made it past recent controversies and had a little time to settle. So, what’s the result of EA attempting to satisfy fans’ complaints from the first game? Essentially, the same game with an added single-player, offline campaign. Prepare for a review that doesn’t hold back and may seem a little harsh, because I think that’s what the game deserves.

First off, the whole game isn’t bad. There are shining moments found scarcely in the playthrough, even if they are far and few between. I did like the campaign. I’ll give it to the studio that they were able to craft a well-written, relevant and original story with ties to the second and third trilogy in the Star Wars canon.

Commander Iden Versio is a welcome female lead with a familiar backstory, similar to Jyn Erso, in that their fathers were Imperial sympathizers and they find themselves torn between family ties and being on the right side of history. Versio’s father is a tough Admiral who blindly follows commands and shows little signs of mercy towards Rebels. The campaign starts with the player taking control of Versio’s personal droid to bust her out of a holding cell. When you play as the main character, you’ll find that most of her story involves taking the stealth route as long as you can until battle is inevitable. The stealth takedown mechanic is far from perfect and sometimes won’t work even as you are standing close enough to touch your enemy.

Commander Versio isn’t the only character along the storyline you’ll play as. I was happy to see the developers made sure to give you the chance to play as fan favorite’s like Luke, Leia, Solo, and Lando. Luke was easily my favorite character as I used the force as often as I could during his short cameo. Leia and Solo both were less than stellar as far as gun fights, and their special abilities weren’t much to write home about either.

The story is where the game makes up for its follies. The combination of the different playable characters and the missions you’d expect to see in a box office movie were highlights of the playing experience. Unfortunately, that’s where the game fell off for me. There are other game modes to earn credits for character upgrades, but the two big multiplayer modes were a huge letdown.

The two multiplayer modes are Galactic Assault and Starfighter Assault. Galactic Assault has you play as troops on the ground in 20 on 20 objective-based combat; and Starfighter Assault is aerial-based combat that has you piloting famous ships like the X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, and others. Flying takes a bit to get used to, but it’s the main reason I log back in and play occasionally. What I didn’t like the most about multiplayer is the restriction of basic characters you are allowed to use. “Heroes” are unlocked after earning a certain amount of credits in order to summon them to the battlefield. Same goes for the best ships in Starfighter Assault.

The upsides of the game are that EA continues to use industry-leading graphics to bring scenery and cutscenes to a level of realism that blows you away at times. The wide-ranging levels are full of color and detail that really pop. The downside is you have to grind for seemingly countless hours in order to experience all the game has to offer as far as unlockables. The campaign mode alone won’t give you much reward when are finished  and are ready to start playing with other people. Call me a harsh critic for having a mainstream opinion, but I feel like I’m reaching giving this game a 6. The highlights of the game weren’t enough to make up for the loot box fiasco that truly brings the overall experience down. Big changes are going to have to be made to keep this franchise going, but as Star Wars is just as popular as ever, I’m sure they will find a way to improve in the future.

Alex Thomas’  Review 

Battlefront 2 captures the charm of Star Wars and showcases a vivid world, but lacks in the core principles of what makes a first-person shooter great.

The campaign was a solid four hour journey. It wasn’t anything incredible, but I had a lot of fun walking through the shoes of some of the biggest stars throughout the franchise. I thought that Iden Version was a tad 2D, but her character pushed me through the story without too much lull. The planets introduced in the campaign were interesting and beautiful, and I’d like to see them pop up in some future movies. I wasn’t expecting a lot from the campaign, but it was fun and fast enough to leave a pleasant taste in my mouth.

The Online is great lacking due to a poor progression system. Even without micro-transactions, the idea of random loot boxes for increase in quality of play wasn’t too attractive to me. That’s a shame because the Galactic Assault mode is a total blast, and makes me feel like I’m in the Star Wars universe. I will say that I like the method of Battle Points now, that give you points in battle that can be exchanged for the ability to play as key characters. This rewards players fairly, and helps your desire to be a better player. Overall the controls feel great, and the classes are varied enough to get some extra playtime.

Battlefront 2 is beautiful and engaging, but for the long term ride, there’s better multiplayer shooters.



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