Alright so from the name alone, it seems pretty cheesy. I won’t lie to you it sort of is. The movie starts off with character Cole, who is a 12 year old freshman. The kid is bullied a lot by the three older kids on bikes. Cole isn’t exactly trying to defend himself either. Cole is sort of a dweeb and a nerd, but he is super likeable and really adorable. The older babysitter, Bee, is pretty likable as well. She is your typical won’t take any crap, smoking hot badass. Honestly, the whole movie shocked me.

 It was really cute and coming off age. Gave me an “The Edge of Seventeen Feel”. Both kids are just normal run of the mill characters and I noticed that almost everyone in the main family were super attractive! The movie develops really well in the first 10-20 minutes and the characters are introduced very well also. Coles parents leave to go out of town or “to jerk each other off” in his 12 year old perspective. Coles best friend, and crush, urges Cole to stay up past when Bee puts him to sleep.  Cole, having a giant crush on Bee, stays up and from the top of the stairs sees what seems to be a group of teenagers drinking and playing spin the bottle.

 Of course, they have almost every stereotype you can create. The bratty art kid, the funny black guy who has a mixtape, the hot jock, the nerd, the cheerleader, and then there is Bee. When you play spin the bottle you kiss each other, that’s the name of the game. So naturally sex sells, and when Bella Thorne (the cheerleader) kisses Bee.  It’s so over-sexualized that it feels it came straight out of a soft-core porn. I mean these girls are exchanging gum, biting lip, just going at it. Bee goes on to kiss the nerd, Samuel, and then pulls out two knives from who knows where. She stabs him in the head with both. I’ve never been too great at anatomy or even science for that matter but can you in one blow stab through someone’s skull? I don’t even know if that is humanly possible, but they go on to fill up gauntlets with his blood. I’m sitting here thinking “So were going to kill and then do it in someone else’s house…?”

 I’m also wondering on how they plan on cleaning that up? Cole ends up calling the police officers and the police officers show up, shoot the cheerleader in the boob, and then get impaled by the jock. I wish I could scream into the laptop because honestly, what in the hell is going on?! Kids are killing police officers, do the neighbors just not really worry about anything? I mean a good chunk of the movie takes place outside of the house. If I were to run around my neighbor screaming anything I would have the policed called on me.  So typically, the cheerleader and the black guy dies first. The movie has a feel of a really terrible version of Scary Movie mixed with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and honestly, I’m not even upset.

 It’s one of those movies that is so bad, but you can’t stop watching but you actually like some of the characters. Logically the movie makes no sense at all. For instance, when the jock is trying to kill Cole, the bully starts egging Cole’s house. So, the jock tells Cole to go stand up for himself against the jock! What?! The movie ends with Cole stealing a car and running it into his house to kill Bee and everything ends all happy. This 12 year old kid just demolished his house and his parents are happy he’s okay?

 Like I said, a terribly entertaining movie. I would give it a 6 because the characters were developed well, the story was creative and set up well. It was just the acting, and then some of the situations made me wonder what is going on? But it is an overall super cute, but not very scary movie.



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