The long-awaited arrival to home consoles of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will come on December 12th. Microsoft announced today that the highest selling single platform game of 2017 will make the jump after a successful PC run. Microsoft announced over the summer that they will be the exclusive console to play ‘PUBG’ and hoped to arrive around the holidays.

Since the March 23, 2017 release of the game, PUBG sales have broken nearly every early sales record possible on STEAM. As of early October, it sold over 13 million copies in just about 6 months. It set the all-time record for concurrent players at over 2 million. At any given time, you can expect to see over a million players online playing in the Battle Royale style shooter. It also boasts that it’s the first game to have more users playing than a STEAM owned game, which can include CS:GO and DOTA 2.

They made good on that promise to release around Q4, barring any setbacks. The game will be a part of the Microsoft Preview Program, meaning PUBG will be in the Early Access phase of development. You will be able to purchase and play the game like normal, but don’t expect a finished, fully polished game, just like the PC version. Upon release, the console version won’t be up-to-date with the PC version. “Various Xbox One features and functionality will change and come online over time just like they have on PC, with our goal being to have both versions align to each other as soon as possible,” said PUBG Corp. CEO Chang Han Kim.

Microsoft’s partnering up with PUBG developer, Bluehole meant having a much larger company to back the game and allow acceleration in improving game mechanics. One such enhancement gamers are looking forward to is the vaulting feature. Vaulting means more realistic combat as players will be able to climb obstacles and jump through windows while fighting it out in the games already realistic landscape. Xbox One players will also see first-person mode coming after the initial release, something users have been wanting for quite some time. First-person will mean a huge change in gameplay, which will be a welcome aspect, seeing as battle royale is the only game mode currently available.

Xbox One will be the only console to host PUBG games at least for a while, as they have signed an exclusive deal for now, although the game will eventually make it to Playstation down the road. Players grabbing the new Xbox One X will experience the game in even more detail as it will have Xbox One X enhancements including 4K gameplay and HDR capability.

I’ll be picking up a copy day 1 for this hit and can’t wait to play. Hardcore and casual gamers alike should be excited for this title as they’ll be able to play from the comforts of their couch. The Early Access seems like a gamble for some, but it’s hard to complain about the Early Access price tag.

Grab PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds for just $30 on December 12th and join in on one of the hottest games of the year. You can’t beat that price for a new console game with just a huge following. What are you most looking forward to from in PUBG? Let us know below and don’t forget to follow That Nerd Show on Social Media!


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