Can the movie Only the Brave be as good as it looked and it’s trailers, absolutely! This is a movie that could have been hyped way too much and in the end be disappointing. It happens all the time with movies, but not  this one. It certainly does live up to the hype and I must say I very much enjoyed  this movie.

Only the Brave, starring Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, James bagger Dale, and Taylor Kitsch is about the Granite State Hotshots Wildfire Team. While most biographical movies will never give you the full story compared to a documentary, this one makes you feel that you have been a part of their lives from day one. The overall story is about this up and coming wildfire team and how they became Hot Shots and legends that would take on any dangerous wildfire and have better results I’m pretty much any Hotshot crew in America. Immediately this movie had the same feel as Backdraft especially with the family connections. But just like Backdraft it takes you into the intensity of the fire and makes you feel the heat. I want a movie can do that it’s instantly a hit.

However, biographical movies are only as good the performances by the actors. They can be hit or miss, the movie about the most famous porn film deep throat is a good example. I could care less about the performances and ended up just wanting to watch the documentary. But everybody did a great job with their performance. While Miles Teller gave a nice performance, the real energy of the movie really comes from two actors, Josh Brolin and Taylor Kitsch. I’m glad I got to see a good movie with Taylor Kitsch this year because his performance in American Assassin was a little disappointing. And Josh Brolin always brings a certain level of intensity to his performances it makes him stand out in any movie that he’s in. It’s been a few years since I’ve really enjoyed one of Josh Brolin’s roles.

As much as I enjoyed the film, there are few complaints that make only the brave less than perfect. We all know Jeff Bridges is a great actor but I feel like his role was very underutilized and it was just a terrible rendition of bad Blake from Crazy Heart. He is largely forgettable and any actor could have done that role because it really didn’t matter. That’s a true shame because Jeff Bridges always makes a movie better,  but really didn’t this time around. My other complaint is some of Jennifer Connelly’s performance and don’t get me wrong I have been a huge fan of hers sense Requiem for a Dream. She is a gifted actress and brings a certain level of sensitivity to rolls that makes an audience sympathetic to her characters. At times she was great especially with Josh Brolin, but that was the only time. She was more annoying in scenes with other actors. My final complaint is as great and intense as everything was about this movie, the end just happens with a whim and doesn’t bring the level of emotion, it should expect when the families have gathered together to hear the news about the firefighters. I feel like there should have been more with all of the firefighters final moments to make everything more emotional and this was the one part of the film that felt more like a documentary than a great narrative film. But don’t get me wrong, none of these complaints take away from how good the film really is.  It just doesn’t make it a perfect film.

Overall, only the brave is an incredible film and worth the price of a movie ticket. In fact it’s one of those films that should be seen on the big screen. While some performances are not as good as others, the film is inspiring and heroic. The fire scenes bring an intensity that is not often seen in film. I definitely felt like I was there with the firefighters and that is a rarity because most of the films we see can be largely ignored. They are one timers at best and make us yearn for a film that we know we will watch again. Only the brave is definitely that kind of film and you will watch again. So should you go see it, absolutely.  It’s a fantastic ride and the cinematography is fantastic.

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