There are so many amazing shows to stream these days, that it is hard to know which series are actually worth committing to.  When “Zoo” first dropped I have to admit that I was quite skeptical.  I mean making animals the new threat seemed kind of bogus, ridiculous and cheesy to me.  Yet somehow as the show went on, I can’t deny that for some reason I was hooked.  I don’t know if it was the mix of characters, or the fact that such a new and different story plot makes it very difficult to predict what is going to happen.  There are so many cop, hospital and political shows on television and streaming that many of them are easy to predict.  But a show about animals turning predatory against humans?  Changes in climate and DNA?  It simply hasn’t been done before which lends a “newness” factor and appeal.

This show is definitely not for everyone.  If you are not willing to suspend your disbelief, are not a lover of science fiction or simply can’t get over the premise, then you should definitely keep scrolling.  However if you are in the mood for something new, something that has action and plot twists and is unlike any other show out there right now,then this may very well be up your alley.  The Seasons have continues to get better, more dramatic and more revealing.  At first I wasn’t sure how they could keep this plot going for more than one season, yet they have found new ways to make this a real threat, and change the environment.  It is definitely a science fiction series and best suited for science fiction fans.

The latest season was good and intense and we watched a lot of new characters debut and past hurts unfold as the action was thrust forward a decade from season 2.  I have to say that most of the recent season was enjoyable and interesting,  but I do hate how it ended!  The ending seemed a little far-fetched and ridiculous even for me–and I am willing to give a lot!  But they also had to set up a new premise for Season 4, so they had to do something completely absurd if the want to continue the series.  This show is not one that is best for a week to week viewing, but if you have a few hours to kill one weekend and are up for a binge watch, then “Zoo” is definitely a contender!

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