In terms of Super Hero shows currently on television and streaming, it needs to be stated that “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” is definitely the lowest on the rung. I keep hanging in there mainly because I like some of the cast–namely Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, Nick Zano and Victor Garber.   But despite clever storylines and plot twists, there is just something about this super hero show that keeps putting me off.  For example, I have never really liked the character of Rip Hunter, played by Arthur Darvill, but I have to say that this season I truly dislike his character.  I mean truly dislike.  The Legends started out as a struggling hodge podge of a team at their conception, but the point of the show was to see them come together,embrace their powers and their mission and work together to be amazing. They are never going to be The Avengers or the Justice League, but they should at least not be buffoons.

Yet the season premiere has them not only being completely displaced by Rip’s new “Time Bureau”, but in the moments where they try to steal back their ship and reclaim their positions they instantly mess everything up–hence buffoons.  It is no longer cute or funny to watch them constantly be bad super heroes.  I mean, this show is not supposed to be a complete spoof!  Yes witty and comical moments are always a part of the superhero genre, but so is the fact that super heroes are supposed to always save the day!  Not make it worse, and look like idiots.

I don’t know what the plans are for this season, but I am still bothered that the end of Season 1 left us with Hawkgirl and Hawkman being kidnapped by Vandal Savage and we simply never ever hear from them again??  I mean they were not even touched upon in Season 2!  What is that??  That is a huge loose end to never even address before taking the plot in an entirely new direction and introducing new characters for an entire season.  So here we are in Season 3 and still so many things are a mess.

My loyalty to the super hero genre will probably keep me watching to see if it can improve, but with amazing shows like “Stalker” and “Limitless” being cancelled after just one season, I am truly amazed that DC’s Legends is still around.  Truly their only good episodes are the cross-over events that they do with Arrow and The Flash–so lets just hope their upcoming event in November is amazing.

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