We have spent the past two seasons watching Supergirl find her way.  We have held our breath and watched to see if the first female Superhero to take on the television genre could make her mark.  At first the series struggled, but bit by bit it has found its bearing and found its own way.  We watched Kara Danvers embrace her superhero side in Season 1, and then later embrace her life as Kara Danvers in Season 2.

But with the loss of her love–Mon-El–at the end of Season 2, we have no idea what this new season will hold, or how Supergirl and Kara Danvers will deal with his loss.  Because Mon-El wasn’t killed.  He didn’t break up with her.  She had to send him away.  Thats a whole different kind of loss.  Having to choose between saving humanity and saving the love of your life is something most of us will never have to do.

The Season 3 premiere starts off with a cold-hearted and focused Supergirl kicking major butt in the crime department, but seriously suffering with her friends and family. Every truly great Super Hero has to deal with immense personal loss, and now Supergirl will have to face hers, and we will watch and see how it changes and shapes her.

The premiere also introduced a new enemy, Edge, a devious and calculating businessman with ulterior motives that we will definitely be seeing more of this season.  It also introduced a new possible superhero ally or foe–a brief scene with an ordinary mother and her child where she literally bends metal to save her little girl was definitely a foreshadowing that we will be seeing more of her, as were the final moments of this same character awaking from a nightmare that was eerily similar to the daydreams Kara was having as the episode started. And finally,  a fleeting scene of an alien spacecraft trapped deep under the ocean definitely hinted at the possibility that Mon-El might be able to make a return after all.

In other news, although Cat Grant, played by Calista Flockhart, may be gone, Lena Luthor is now the new CEO and owner of CatCo, so we will definitely see her and Kara Danvers relationship continue to evolve.  The season 3 Premiere was exactly awe-inspiring, but the writers did drop hints as to a few new plot developments and gave this season a start at a new direction.  So we will continue to watch The Girl of Steel evolve and hope that she doesn’t lose her way.

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