You just can’t keep a good actor down.  In the case of David Boreanz, this is especially true.  Boreanz first appeared in the sitcom “Married with children” in a brief episode back in 1993, but he is more memorably known as Angel in the series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, and then later his own series titled “Angel”. After 5 years on Angel, Boreanz then had a 12 year run on the popular tv series “Bones”.  Although Bones started out as one of my favorite series, it did hit some lows over the years, and it was definitely time to call it quits by the end.  I enjoyed Boreanz as Sealy Booth on Bones, but I think I am going to like his portrayal of a different kind of Seal even better.

In the series premiere of “Seal Team”, the episode starts with Jason Hayes (Boreanz), in a therapy session talking about one of his most recent missions.  During this mission, one of his best friends gets killed and of course his chain of command feels he needs therapy.  Hayes is a little tougher character than Booth from Bones, but a similar genre.  Boreanz was former military in Bones, and now he is active military.  So far the character of Hayes seems to a mix of Angel and Sealy Booth, with a little extra thrown in.  He is always best at the brooding, bad-boy, troubled type anyway, so this role seems made for him.

On top of losing one of his best friends, he is also separated from his wife and of course “its complicated”.  And there is a new, young recruit who is cocky and pushes boundaries, who will undoubtedly bump heads with the seasoned Jason Hayes.  It’s also fairly predictable that this season will be spent watching Hayes deal with his past traumas and issues, while still being amazingly badass in the field and a hero in his work life–even as his personal life takes a fall.   Although the premise may not sound amazingly original or intriguing, the combination of Boreanz and other  likable actors like Daniel Gillies (The Originals) give this series all of the makings of an intriguing, heart-felt and poignant drama reminding us that even though America has plenty of problems, we are still one of the greatest nations in the world, simply because good people refuse to give up hope.

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