Yes!  Now that is how you do a Series Premiere!  After being so sorely disappointed by the Inhumans series premiere on Sunday, I was nervous for another “mutant” series premiere.  Its always tricky introducing two new shows both with similar elements in the same season.  “Gifted” was already presenting itself to be a part of the X-Men universe, so it definitely had high standards to live up to.

But, in a much different approach than the Inhumans premiere, Gifted handled its mutant series premiere beautifully, by embracing its roots and then adding to them.  The casting was expertly done and I felt almost every character played their part well.  Of course adding Amy Acker (previously on Angel & Person of Interest), along with Sean Teale (previously from Reign), and Jamie Chung (who was actually in the X-Men movie Days of Future Past) was a very smart decision.  While the younger actors are unknowns, Natalie Lind’s teenage character has a striking resemblance to Hayden Panetterie about the age she was cast on Heroes–one of the last mutant spin-offs to do well–which seems to lend her credit by reminding viewers of another blonde, teenage mutant.  Alongside good casting and acting, was the fact that the episode did in fact allude to the X-Men and the Brotherhood a couple of times throughout.  While we don’t yet know why the X-Men have disappeared, at least they recognize that they are part of a bigger mutant community and don’t try to re-write the entire Mutant backstory.

The episode had great action and intense moments that pulled the audience in. At the end I was wanting more!  I wish that Gifted had had a two hour season premiere instead of Inhumans, but I also think part of the reason that it was so engaging was because the episode was the right length of time.

Excited for what is to come this season and definitely a much watch new series!

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