I remember when Destiny first released back in 2014,  I thought it looked great. For some reason though, I never purchased it. I am a huge fan of first-person shooters, so it seemed like a no-brainer. I guess I had simply missed the train. But when I saw the promos for Destiny 2 coming in, I knew I had to jump on the train as fast as I could.

Here is my in-depth review of Destiny 2 coming from the perspective of someone who has never played the original source material.

The first thing that was exciting for me when first booting up Destiny 2 was its unique nature. Sure, it’s a science fiction shooter, but the waythey handle worldbuilding and concepts are completely original. I was excited by the fact that I didn’t understand large portions of the game at first,and that it was worth researching to find out whats best to do next. Bungie has successfully created their own DNA of the multiplayer shooter format, and it brings fresh ideas and hooks to pull you in.

When first starting the game, you are welcomed with a cinematic first level, building the story behind your character. In the first level, you are under attack and navigating your way through The Tower, and learning your skills as you go.  This was a pleasant surprise and helped new players like me get associated with the feel of the game. After you get out of that main starting level, you are put into the world of destiny. Overgrown plants and wreckage cover the scenery of the game, and give it a strong feeling of despair. I was surprised by how solemn the beginning of this game is.

But after the first couple of hours, the game really gives you freedom. I was very excited to enter the world and see what it had to offer. Adventures became incredibly fun to do with friends, and public events were great to randomly hop into to get some loot. One thing I will say about the campaign through the later parts of the game is that they aren’t very distinguishable from the other adventures and quests you have to do. I believe that a bit of variety would help the campaign stand out. The plot is also a little generic, and the only character I actually enjoyed was Cayde-6, voiced by Nathan Fillion.

Aside from the campaign, there is more than enough content to keep your attention. I found myself spending a lot of time in Crucible, playing well balanced and quick games with friends. I wish there was a filtering system to which modes I want to play, instead of the game choosing for me.

I had a blast getting my light level up, and preparing for nightfalls and raids. The game starts to slow down around light level 260 in terms of getting better gear, but at that point, I was so hooked into the game it was fun to just play, and that got me further in the end.

If you are looking for a great and engaging first person shooter to play with friends, Destiny 2 is the game for you. From a typical but enjoyable campaign, to an exciting and fresh UI, Destiny has a lot to offer, and even more down the road through DLC. As a fresh member in the Destiny 2 universe, I was pleasantly surprised.

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