The much anticipated Season 2 of Designated Survivor premiered this week.  In a smart move by the writers, the storyline did not simply pick up where it left off, instead the show opened by jumping forward a year into the Presidency. As Tom Kirkman approaches his one year mark of being President, we see that the Capital Building has been rebuilt, Hannah Wells is still searching for Mr. Lloyd, and are introduced to some new characters.

Actor Paulo Costanzo joins Designated Survivor this season as Political Director, and the newest member of Team Kirkman.  Costanzo is most recently known for his quirky role on the series Royal Pains, which ended last year.   Kirkman has been working hard and trying to do good things, but has still not built any trust or gained ground with the American people.  In the Season Premiere, a hijacking of a plane full of Americans on American soil takes place and the team attempts to broker negotiations between Russia and the Ukraine–the two nations involved in the dispute.  When neither side will bend or offer any leniency and no real ransom or demands are asked for, the team delves farther and discovers that the hijacking is merely meant as an attempt to start a war between the two nations.

Thankfully crisis is averted and the situation is handled well by Kirkman after he  confronts the ambassadors from each nation and simply states that “play time is over”.  The only casualty that results is when the plane explodes due to an oxygen tank, and the Dr. administering the tank and his patient are both still on board and are killed.  We learn through the course of events that this man was once the best friend of Kirkman, although they have not spoken in many years.  A reminder that we all have connections everywhere, and none of us are immune to tragedy.

As always, this show ignites a longing to have a President much like the one that Kiefer Sutherland portrays. It renews a sense of morality and decency that many people have been missing for a long time anywhere in the political arena.  Looking forward to another great season full of twists and turns and definitely more drama than a Presidency or anyone man should have to endure, but it makes for great television.

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