The world is a better place when Star Trek is on TV,  especially a new series.  After 12 years,  we finally get a new series and on CBS of all places.  Star Trek can be hit or miss and we all have our favorite series and the one that we really dislike. Plus, there is a high standard when it comes to Star Trek and with the new show Discovery premiering tonight,  I think it was safe to say that most fans were worried that the show wouldn’t be any good. It would be a show with all Style and no Substance.  I admit,  I was one of those people.  But let me be the first to say, I was wrong.  I am not confessing that it’s a great series…time will tell on that,  but so far its good.


Ever since The Next Generation, each series has started with a two hour premier and Discovery is not different.  CBS may not have shown a two hour episode,  but to fully review the premiere of Discovery, we have to watch the first two episodes as a two part pilot.  The story centers, not around a Captain,  but the Executive Officer… LT. Commander Michael Burnham…a human who became a ward of Vulcan.  For all intense and purposes she might as well be the main Vulcan of the Show.


The first thing that jumps out to me is the story.  It’s very much a Star Trek story.  The characters struggle with their decisions and hope they’re right.  They struggle with putting their emotions first instead of making logical decisions which lead to the catharsis of the story like is it about revenge  tactics when fighting a battle.   And of course, what is always common in Star Trek, knowing when to fight and when to fulfill their mission of peace. The main enemy is the Klingon and even though this seems too familiar, you might be asking yourselves, why can’t be have a new enemy, you have to understand that the timeline of this series is set  over 10 years before Kirk and Spock and their five year mission so the Klingon Empire is coming back into power and starting a war fits with the Star Trek Timeline. We have never seen this story line before, only heard about it through a reference in other series.  For a prequel,  this is not a bad story to tell.


I am very happy with the cast….this is one of the best parts of Discovery.  The characters are very easy to fall in love with, just like past series. There is a lot to like from great characters, to a complex plot, and the death of someone that you are beginning to like.  Good Star Trek gives you an emotional punch.  And the perfect example is having your captain dies and the main character being sentenced to life in prison for Mutany and disobeying orders while at the start of war. The story can’t get more complex than that.


Now, what’s not good about the show.  The uniforms are not that exciting and let’s face it, the uniforms are at least a third of the show.  They look too modern and polished for what we are used to in Star Trek. There’s always been a sleek look to the uniforms except in the Star Trek Motion Picture. I think it’s the gold in the uniforms that drive me a little nuts.  There are times that the Ship doesn’t blend well with the CGI.  It’s very cinematic, but Star Trek has been great with its practical effects and should never look like a video game.  There are times that it does, but I admit, it’s very stylish and at least the ships don’t look like an Apple Store.  I will have to watch the entire first season to see if this series is more style than substance.  It’s hard to tell after just two episodes.  But this is a debate we always have with a new series.  And it could just be nerd picking.


Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by how good the new Star Trek Series  is so far. It does have a good feel to it despite a few problems that I mentioned before.  With a strong and complex story, and a great cast, so Star Trek Discovery doesn’t disappoint, but time will tell whether the series equals the caliber that we are used to with Star Trek and let’s not forget every series takes some time to get its footing… sometimes a few years as in Voyager’s case.  But as a Star Trek fan,  I am in it for the long haul because at the end of the day,  Star Trek Discovery has me hooked, which admittingly I didn’t think was going to be possible.  Glad I was wrong and Glad to have a Star Trek Series back on TV. Every Star Trek fan should check out the new series.







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