Today, September 13th, Behaviour Interactive is happy to announce they are back with their Livestream show for Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade! On Friday, September 15th at 2 pm EST.

We missed you! No seriously, we missed you like Tyranids miss their hive! Don’t worry we are not all bug juice yet, as Eternal Crusade launches into their newest content. After this summer we are back and will be bringing you updates on a monthly basis.

This month we’ll have a surprise announcement about maps for our fans so be sure to tune in when we go live! It is coming straight from the Golden Throne itself right into your psychic focus.

Objectives!! Did you meet your personal goals today? Well, don’t worry our Personal Goal system in the dark future is much more exciting!

We’ll have all the information on the latest updates and will answer any questions you might have!

See you online!

Watch on Twitch, this Friday at 2 pm EST.

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