Madden 18 is finally Here! A New season,  a new version, and one more time of taking your favorite team to the Super Bowl.  Some years,  you get a new version with very little changes,  but not in Madden 18.  This is the first version with the Frostbite Engine adding a different look and more realistic mechanics.  This is the biggest improvement in Madden and  EA’s  FIFA series when it switched to the frostbite engine,  makes it the realistic and versatile game in the Madden series..   And for this reason alone,  it’s worth checking out Madden, especially if you haven’t bought the game in years.

Last year’s version made big improvements with the running game and the defense, so for those kind of mechanics, there really wasn’t much change.  It just looks more realistic because of the frostbite engine, but don’t worry the game looks gorgeous and as a gamer we’re suckers for great graphics.  Every year we look or the biggest improvements in a new sports game and justify spending $59.99 for it.  Madden 18 added a few other things that make the game worth the purchase


The Story Mode


Madden added its first ever story mode where you follow a long shot on and off the field as he prepares for the draft and tries to make an NFL team.  EA did this with FIFA last year and it was successful,  adding another dynamic to a sports game. Now if you are a fan of role playing games and sports games then this will be cool mode. I will admit that this story mode is interesting,  but ask yourself, do you really play sports games for the story mode when it’s more fun just to play or maybe be a coach or GM and have to play the money game when it comes to making your team successful.  If you’re like me,  sometimes it’s just more fun to create yourself as a player and see how many records you can break. I feel like the intrigue will be over pretty quickly with the story mode.


Target Passing


Want to be an elite quarterback in Madden, then here’s your chance in the Target Passing mode.  Instead of letting the computer do all the work for you in the passing game, you can actually target passers and get the ball into tight spaces especially into double coverage. It’s the kind of mode that can make you a legend in Madden.  This mode is for those that want a challenge.  I will admit that as a Chicago Bears fan, using a rookie quarterback like Mitchell Trubisky can be hard, but once you get the skill down, you will want to keep using it.  However, if you are using Tom Brady…it should be easy,  right.


The Verdict


Madden 18 is a great version, especially with the new frostbite engine and targeted passing mode.  I don’t see the need for the story mode,  but it’s not what makes Madden a fun game to play and keep us coming back. It has always been the improved mechanics and graphics.  Between the target passing mode and the new frostbite engine, that’s what makes Madden 18 one of the best versions in recent years.  And if you’re like me as a Bears Fan, taking your team to the Super Bowl with a rookie quarterback in a game with improved mechanics and graphics, that’s more fun than any  story mode that Madden can come up with.  The game is good on PS4 and XBOX One…I feel like the play is better on PS4, but I don’t feel like there are any major differences between both systems.


Is Madden 18 worth the price…absolutely!  Madden fans will love it and if you haven’t played it in a while, then it’s the version that will bring you back. It’s a lot of fun to play a maybe your team will meet my Bears in the Super Bowl.  And of course, if  I play the Patriots in the Super Bowl and up by three touchdowns,  I won’t get too excited because the Patriots are just going to come back.

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