(Dallas, Texas) That Nerd Show in conjunction with Drive By Movies announces the creation of The Movie Roundtable: a film review show with unique views and educated discussions about upcoming releases. Production began in June and our pilot is online now. We will be in full production in August with our shows premiering Fridays on YouTube and other media outlets such as That Nerd Show and Drive by Movies. The Movie Roundtable will also premiere on ACTV through the Austin Film Society, and several other broadcast outlets later in the fall. 

About The Movie Roundtable

 The Movie Roundtable is a film review show with critics, artists, and creators. The show is shot at a local restaurant as a roundtable discussion where we review and discuss films pre-screened from the past week while dining. We will talk about first release films, independent movies, and original productions from streaming companies. It’s an honest conversation about movies and whether they are worth watching in the theater or waiting until you can rent them. It’s a no holds barred discussion and our guests are encouraged to call it as they see it. 


The Movie Roundtable is shot on location at Old Chicago Restaurant and Taproom in Dallas, Texas, where we bring to life the roundtable concept to discuss our love of film over pizza and beer. Currently sponsored by local breweries, The Movie Roundtable will also showcase some of the nation’s greatest craft beers. This production is a new concept that merges the Old Chicago dining experience with “Geek” level film debate. 


The Movie Roundtable will be broadcasted on Television starting with ACTV through the Austin Film Sociey later this fall. Once the show is broadcasted through ACTV and other planned station release, we are poised to gather a grand audience. Our goal is to bring movie fans a unique show when it comes to movie reviews with a different perspective from each of our guests. Two episodes of the show were filmed earlier this year and they received 10,000 to 20,000 views on YouTube and our new pilot is starting to reach the same level as views with minimal promotion. We fully expect to see over 100K views once we fully promote the show.


Our most recent episode was shot with a completely different format that encompasses the show in an educational perspective and a connective package of the films being discussed. We invite you to watch the new pilot here as we talk about Wonder Woman, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and an independent film called Cronus 

About That Nerd Show 

We are a NERD News Outlet featuring blogs, reviews, podcasts, online shows, interviews (audio / video) and original content. We consider ourselves the greatest nerd show in this universe. Our purpose is to ask all the big questions in the nerd universe and cover news related to the nerd genre. We are based in Dallas, Texas, but cover national news. We have affiliates in all Major Markets to give us coverage about different events in the United States. You can find us and get your nerd news at www.thatnerdshow.com

About Drive By Movies

DriveByMovies.com is a web based video channel providing coverage film festivals and interviews of Filmmakers about the art they create. Speaking directly to the Stars and  Filmmakers about their creations and the art of movies. Our primary goal is to educate the public from a geeked out and reverent perspective about film. Staffed predominately by filmmakers DriveByMovies discusses movies from a unique point of view and with added respect for the process of filmmaking. 

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