Last week was an exciting week for the Super Hero genre on television, as season finales were in full swing. The week kicked off with the season finale of Supergirl. While the finale wasn’t exactly a shocker, there was a little twist in Mon-El’s fate.

Let’s back track for a minute and focus on where the Supergirl story arc has gone this season. There has been a lot of emphasis on the team’s romantic relationships this season. There has been Winn and his alien girlfriend, who first betrayed him and now is good. There has been Alex’s coming out and having her first real same gender relationship, and finally getting to be herself.  There was J’onn who had to say goodbye to Me’gan, his first relationship since his wife.  And finally Kara and Mon-El became a real couple, after one of my favorite episodes this season, the musical cross-over. But it hasn’t just been romantic relationships, there has been a focus on Kara’s friendships as well, especially with Lena Luthor.  Basically this season has been Kara trying to find herself as a person and not just a Super Hero. Last season she was focused on how to be a Hero, and this season she has been trying to find a balance for her life outside of “Supergirl”.

Finding out that Mon-El is the Prince of Daxam obviously complicated matters. Especially when his parents, who were presumed dead, suddenly reappear and not only  want to take Mon-El home, but hate Kara, the Kryptonian, as well. Ultimately Mon-El stands with Kara against his parents and he thinks they leave except instead his insane mother murders her husband and sticks around to try and claim Earth for her own and re-claim her son. With the help of an unwitting and innocent Lena Luthor, Rhea (Mon-El’s mother) creates a device that is actually a portal to bring all Daxamites to Earth. The take-over happens very quickly and isn’t truly believable (that an entire race that was presumed dead actually has thousands of survivors?), but at least it brings back Callista Flockhart’s character Cat Grant. Not that James Olsen hasn’t been a decent boss, but Cat Grant’s character adds so much to the series that it was nice to finally have her back.

Of course Kara defeats Rhea (Terri Hatcher), but Rhea doesn’t stay true to their deal and continues with her take-over, leaving the DEO with no choice but to use a weapon that will release a certain amount of lead into the atmosphere that will make it impossible for Daxamites to live in the Earth’s atmosphere. Which is a victory!…..except Mon-El is still a Daxamite! Which means that in order to survive Mon-El will have to leave Earth forever!! He and Kara are only given mere minutes to come to grips with this choice. It all happens so quickly. The earth is saved. The Daxamites are killed or flee. And Mon-El is gone. Just like that. Everyone else on the team is left happy and safe with their significant others except for Kara. The balance to the rest of her life that she has been so desperately seeking is ripped away from her in an instant. As most Super Heroes are meant to always be unlucky in love and walk their paths alone, Mon-El’s sudden disappearance isn’t exactly a shocker, but it does leave us wondering where next season will find Kara.

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