What’s the best way to promote a new game release…a gaming tournament! And that’s just what I did tonight at a local Game Stop for the release of Injustice 2. It’s the perfect game for a gaming tournament.  Much like Mortal Kombat, but better if you’re a nerd… you play with DC Comics Characters.   Not all Game Stop Stores did this, but one in Richardson Texas did…a great little store off of Belt Line Road that exceeded my expectations when it came to picking up my Pre-Order early.

WINNER: Terrance

Now I can’t say that I did very well or lasted long.  I didn’t and a pre-pubescent teenager kept me humble as he kicked my ass.  But that’s not important…it’s all about the spirit of competition in one of the best fighting games on the market.  The first Injustice game was amazing.  Once it was all said and done, it was a young man by the name of Terrance who had won it all.  He was scary good. He had mad skills that should make us all afraid to play him.   I kidded with his father who about my age and definitely grew up in the 80’s…”let’s see how good he is with some old school Arcade Games!”

It was the most fun I’ve had in a while when it comes to video game competition. And that’s why we have fighting games because sometimes playing against someone can better than playing alone.  And a fighting game is always better than real life violence.  As for Injustice 2…I got mine at 9pm and have been playing for a couple of hours.  Initial impression: It’s awesome! It looks great.  It Plays Great. And Playing with Darkseid is fucking awesome! Now this isn’t a full review, but I can already tell that I will enjoy this more than Mortal Kombat X and I love that game.  So far this game is worth the money,

So if you’re going to promote a fighting game, the best way is to do it is host a gaming tournament.  And my favorite Game Stop did just that turning a boring Monday Night into fantastic fun.  My compliments and for gamers if you’re looking for a place to get your copy of Injustice 2 which you should buy, well I know a Game Stop in Richardson you can go to.


INJUSTICE 2 installed and ready to play. It’s GAME ON!

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