You know that feeling where you get all excited about this amazing meal that supposedly combines all of your favorite foods, that you can’t wait to try??  But then you get that meal and it is just a jumbled mess, where all of the tastes just don’t quite fit together and leave you feeling pretty unsatisfied and disappointed? Well, if you don’t, then go watch “Queen of the Desert” and you will know exactly how that feels.

I was really excited to watch and review this movie.  It had all of the makings of a remarkable film.  Nicole Kidman is an extremely talented actress, one whom I usually enjoy.  And even James Franco and Robert Pattinson I like.  I love movies about adventure and defiance of conventional norms, strong women, exotic locations and pensive memoirs.  This should have been perfect for me.  Yet it was just off.  There was absolutely zero chemistry between any of the co-stars (Think Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow in “Bounce”), despite their attractiveness, it just didn’t come through as real or sincere chemistry on the screen.  The plot lagged in many areas and  became more focused on her relationships with men than on her character in general.  Based on a true story, from what I have read, she was a remarkable woman.  However, this did not shine through in the story plot or its unfolding.

It wasn’t all bad.  The cinematography is quite amazing and breath-taking and there are beautiful moments captured of desert life.  The soundtrack is really quite lovely as well, and there is a lot of artistry in the film.  All of these beautiful pieces that just didn’t really add up to make a beautiful picture, but rather a jagged mosaic.

If you have a sleepy Sunday afternoon and nothing better to do, and feel like taking a little rest then this is may be a good fit for you.  Otherwise, better to read about his amazing woman in memoirs and history books and get a more complete picture of who she was.

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