What if you took the last thirty minutes of Reservoir Dogs and then made it a period piece? What if that was Boston in the 1970’s and then you threw in Irish Gangsters with American Gangsters and a South African just for good measure? What if you had a simple gun deal that went completely wrong because the street hooligans couldn’t keep their mouths shut and not make it personal, which lead to everybody pulling their gun?  Well then, you would have the movie Free Fire…a movie where nothing goes right and bullets fly like the rain and you can’t help but laugh.  That’s the best way that I can describe Free Fire.

The plot…a bunch of people trying to make a gun deal that get trapped in a warehouse and start shooting at each other.  Yeah, it’s simple plot, but getting out alive is not.  Staring Sharlto CopleyBrie LarsonArmie Hammer, and Cillian Murphy, the movie becomes a game of survival.  Now like Reservoir Dogs, it’s violent and bloody, and has the right amount of gore to make your stomach turn.  But Free Fire has a lot more going for it…it’s hilarious and you can’t stop laughing.  It has the right amount of satire and sarcasm to keep the audience busting with laughs while getting the perfect amount of action.  The film reminded me so much of Hot Fuzz with its subtle humor intertwined with violence.

The Humor really lies within the Dialogue and just like in all of his movies, Sharlto Copley is the one who steals the show.  It seems like everything he says will makes you laugh and his ineptness like an Inspector Clouseau is brilliant. Everybody is good in their own way and each character gives you reason to root for them to get out.  But without giving too much away and spoiling who makes it and who doesn’t, what makes Free Fire work as movie is the comedic nature of survival and the ridiculous comments everybody makes while they try to make it out alive.  You will have to watch the movie more than one to try an catch everything said.

I loved this movie and it’s definitely one that I think fans will watch more than once.  In many ways it’s destined to become a cult classic, but I won’t say it’s perfect.  Very few movies are.  My one chief complaint is that Patrick Bergen’s character is underutilized. He is one of the greatest Irish Actors and to have him in a partially Irish movie, his character should have done more and had more to say.  He is not too old to carry a presence in a film and add a little humor to an already funny movie.  But that might seem like small complaint to a great film. My other complaint is there some points in the film that drag when the characters are trying to find cover and the bullets have stopped.  The film is certainly better with bullets flying and mixed with the hilarious dialogue of the film.

Free Fire is not some great Shakespearean drama or comedy and it doesn’t have to be for everything to work.  It’s a good old fashion action movie with lots of humor where the satire works on all levels.  Free Fire is a free-for-all of fun that will make you watch the movie over and over and you’ll never get tired of it. It will keep you laughing and be money well spent at the cinema. If you love action / comedy then you need to see this film…end of story!  It’s a 9 /10

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