Finally!  Seriously, it finally happened.  As we all knew it would.  All of these rules about time travel, and aberrations and what happens if you break any of these rules and our heroes finally had to go back in time, face themselves and completely break the rules in order to save one of their own.

In last week’s episode, in a surprise twist of fate, just as we think the Heroes have won and Amaya is getting ready to re-write reality and put things back the way they were, Snart suddenly shoots her with his freeze gun and kills her before everyone’s eyes, as Eobard then throws the Spear of Destiny into his machine and incinerates it forever, making it impossible to change reality.  our heroes are left with only two choices.  Continue to live in this new and horrible reality where Amaya is dead and the League of Villains rules everything, or find Rip and the Wave Runner and go back in time and stop them from ever getting the spear in the first place.

The finale starts with this opening scene as they find Rip, get him and the Wave Runner back to normal size and head back to 1916 to get the blood of Christ and destroy the spear.  But things go horrible wrong.  Future Eobard shows up and kills Ray and destroys the vial of blood all at once.  The heroes try to avoid themselves so that they don’t cause a time quake but of course this becomes impossible and they are all forced to see each other and reveal the horrible events of the future. A future where Amaya and Ray are dead and Stein is lost to them.  Their future selves tell them that they must take the Spear and get away from the Legion of Villains.  They know that this is a one way trip for them and we watch as a quasi battle ensues, each of the future heroes being killed in order to protect their present day selves.  Finally just as they think they have won Eobard shows up with countless time remnants of himself.  There is no way they can win.  No way they can make it to the Wave Runner against so many speedsters.  Sara knows what she must do.  She is worried about the darkness inside of her but she uses the Spear.  She doesn’t rewrite reality to benefit herself or bring Laurel back.  She doesn’t change her years of being trapped on the Island or trained by the League.  She simply sets things right.  In fact the only change that she makes is to take all of the power from the Spear so it can never be used again. And in the final moments Eobard suffers his awful fate once again.  We have seen him die on The Flash, but this time his pursuer catches up to him and truly destroys him from existence for the aberration that he is.

Everything seems well and good.  Our heroes have won.  Time is restored as it should be.  Everything is “put” back and even Nate and Amaya choose to defy time and stay together.  So everything is perfect right? Well so it would seem until the team is caught in another Time Quake that lands them in Los Angelos in 2017.  Only L.A. now has dinosaurs roaming it, and the team realizes that all of their meddling actually “broke time”.

This has been a good season for Legends.  It was a good move to put the villains from other Super Hero series in the show this season and some pizazz.  We have seen the characters grow and really start to become a legit team that works together and has relationships.  It still doesn’t even compare to The Flash or Arrow for me, but I do actually look forward to it now.  Not sure what next season holds but they have left the story options wide open.

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