Well first of all, kudos to you if you actually watched the entire first season of Legion and didn’t completely lose your mind. There is definitely a reason that this intense, risqué and somewhat bizarre series is on FX and not a more mainstream network.  This has been one heck of a first season for a brand new show that definitely breaks some barriers and make some bold statements through not only the story telling and plot but how the story is told.

When the first episode aired I did make some references to X-Men and the similarities in the show Legion, largely because the main character is loosely based on the character “Legion”, who was the son of Professor Charles Xavier and had severe mental illnesses.  The character was first introduced in 1991, and and had dissociative identity disorder where each of his multiple personalities would actual take over on of his many abilities and use them in an antihero capacity.

Despite this loose basis, the character Legion from the X-men series has a much different origin story and personality than the character of the same name starring in the new FX series.  Dan Stevens character of “David”, is also first portrayed as a mutant who has schizophrenia, but as the series begins to unravel we find out that there is so much more going on here than what meets the eye–figuratively and literally.  Not only is there another mutant that is eons old burrowed inside of David’s psyche and controlling him at times, but it is actually trying to take over and is more powerful than anything they have ever encountered. It is like a parasite that has been with him almost since birth, and refuses to give up the extra power and strength that its host offers it.

This season we also discovered more about the other mutants that David is banded with in Summerland–their powers, their relationships, and how it all relates to David.  One of the most interesting things about this series is not only the plot line and structure but the unfolding of the sequence of events itself.  It is definitely not a series for the ordinary viewer who just wants to sit back and be entertained.  There is a twisted, bizarre and oftentimes absolutely psychotic presence within this show.  It takes artistic leaps as they choose to tell many of the episodes with cinematic elements that are not often seen in prime time television.  There were a few episodes with subtitles,  where the sound was taken away completely, scenes shot in slow motion, upside down, or full of complex montages that don’t seem to make any sense.  Truly moments straight out of a an aside trip or full of hallucination. It is definitely a series that will push all that you think you know to be true, to be real, and to be morally okay and acceptable.

Obviously Division 3 is set up to be the enemy in this series, but in the finale we finally realizes that it is the Ancient Mutant that is the more imminent and threatening enemy and that Mutants and the government will have to work together to be able to be rid of this thing. On top of that, the series also explores human relationships, intimacy and how we relate to and need one another.  This is the one element that helps it to still be relatable despite its fantastic nature.

I am really hoping that Legion makes it to a season 2, even though I know the fan base will not be as huge as it is for a pop sensation that is easily picked up on CW, I am hoping that it will be large enough for us to see what happens next.  David is finally free of his parasite, so what happens next to him?  What is his story?  And now the parasite has attached itself to another incredibly powerful mutant–the mutant who started Summerland itself.  What happens to him?  What does it want?

So many unanswered questions and story arcs still to explore.  Although this will not be a series that everyone likes, understands or appreciates, I still think it is a unique and interesting series that has its own niche and could build a following.  If you like mutants, thrillers, psychotic episodes and mind control, then this might just be a series for you.

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